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10 mistakes that successful people do not repeat

Our task, in business and in life, is to observe what makes us fail, and never repeat our mistakes again.



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Mistakes of successful people

Never go back. ” What does that mean? From the observations of successful people made by the psychologist and author of “Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do AgainHenry Cloud, discovered that there were certain “Discoveries” that these people had – in their lives and in their work – and that once they had discovered it, they no longer returned to their old way of doing things.

They were never the same again. Ultimately, they succeeded.

“Years ago, I made a bad decision in business and that led to an interesting discussion with my mentor,” says Cloud. “I learned a valuable lesson the hard way,” and he assured me: “The good thing is that once you have learned the lesson, you don’t go back. You never do it again. ”

“I was wondering what those discoveries that successful people had made and that had completely changed their way of doing things. What had propelled them to succeed in their work, relationships, and life? I started researching those discoveries, researching them for years. ”

Although life and business have many lessons to teach us, Cloud observed 10 common mistakes that all successful people never did again.

Successful people will never …

1. Go back to what didn’t work

Whether it’s a job or a relationship that ended for some reason, we shouldn’t go back to the same thing. Expecting different results without anything being different is not a smart way to spend a life.

2. Do anything that forces you to be someone you are not

Before doing anything we should ask ourselves: Why am I doing this? Am I prepared for it? Does it overwhelm me? Is it sustainable? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should have a very good reason to continue.

3. Try to change a person

When you realize that you cannot force someone to do something, you give them freedom and allow them to experience the consequences. In this way, you find your own freedom too.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

4. Believe that they can satisfy everyone again

Once you understand this common mistake that it is really impossible to have everyone satisfied, it is when you start living at ease, trying to satisfy the right people. The first you.

5. Choose short-term comfort for the long-term benefit

When successful people know they want something that requires a painful step, they don’t mind the immediate sacrifice, as they know they will reap the long-term benefit. Living under this type of principle is one of the fundamental differences between successful and unsuccessful people, both personally and professionally.

6. Trust someone or something that seems perfect

It is normal for us to be attracted to people or things that seem “incredible”. We love perfection and we should always be looking to be one.

We must look at people who are great at doing what they do, high-performing employees, exceptional people, friends who have a special character, and successful companies.

Because when someone or something seems too good to be true, it is. But beware, the world is imperfect.

No one and nothing is spared, everything and we all have a defect. And if something or someone seems not to have it, question.

7. Take your eyes off the big target

We function better emotionally and perform better in life when we can see our great purpose. For successful people, no event is the whole story.

So they never lose sight of their great image. His great life goal. It is something that the winners remember every day of their lives.

8. Neglecting your attention

No matter how good something looks from the outside, only by taking a deeper and more attentive look can you find out what you really need to know: the reality you deserve.

I have the habit of attention to such excess, that my senses get no rest – but suffer from a constant strain. – Henry David Thoreau

9. Don’t wonder why they are where they are

One of the biggest differences between successful people and those who are not is that in love and in life, in business and in relationships, successful people always ask themselves: what role am I playing in this situation, how have I got here and what can I do to fix it? In other words, they don’t look like victims, even if they were.

10. Forgetting that your inner life determines your outer success

The good life sometimes has little to do with external circumstances. Most of the time feeling happy and fulfilled has more to do with your inner attitude than with anything else. With how you really look in your life. And it is that our internal lives contribute greatly to produce many of our external circumstances.

The opposite of all this also happens: People who are still making mistakes and trying to find success in various areas of their life may also point to one or more of these patterns as a reason why they are repeating the same mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes. Even the most successful people out there. But what they have accomplished – unlike unsuccessful people – is to recognize the patterns that are causing them to fail, and not repeat them again. In short, they learn from pain – their own pain and that of others.

I suggest you remember the following: pain is inevitable, but going through it twice, choosing to learn and doing it differently, is so avoidable. I always like to say:

” We don’t need new ways to fail … old ones already do very well!”

Our task, in business and in life, is to observe what makes us fail, and never repeat our mistakes again.

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