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14 Tips Entrepreneurs Do For Staying Motivated

14 ways to (r) ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and put in place tips to keep you stay motivated.



Staying motivated
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When you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business, motivation never seems to be an issue.

But once launched, the daily routines empty our reserve of motivation.

Staying motivated, when you’re an entrepreneur, is easy said than done, and yet it’s essential for your business.

Staying motivated is what continues to guide your business to success.

Finding motivation will help not only you but also those who work with you.

You will see that staying motivated, as an entrepreneur, will help you at work and even in other areas of your life.

If you’re looking for a motivational boost, here are 14 ways to (r) ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and put in place tips to stay motivated.

1. Recognize Small Victories

Just having quit working for someone to fulfill your dream and become your own boss is already a victory.

Your success needs to learn to recognize and celebrate each small victory at each stage of your journey as an entrepreneur.

It is the small daily victories that bring you closer to success.

It can only be getting the contact details of a potential client or taking an online course to improve at work.

Taking the time not only to recognize but also to celebrate small victories will help you to appreciate life even more as an entrepreneur.

2. Inform Your Relatives Of Your Projects

We do nothing on our own in this life. Your friends and family will be your primary motivator. Share your goals, problems and challenges with them.

Not only will they be there to share each of your victories with you, but they will also be by your side during your setbacks and difficult times.

Keep them up to date on your life as an entrepreneur and allow them to help you and empower you to stay motivated.

3. Enjoy Your Mornings

It is during the first hours after waking that we are most productive because the brain is still “fresh.”

For example, instead of using those early few hours to check social media, you could make your to-do list, prioritize the day’s tasks.

Personally, right after waking up, I do some exercises and a little meditation.

In this regard, studies have shown that meditating just 10 minutes a day can have a profound impact on the way our brains process information, which has consequences for productivity.

We know that the habits we put in place right after waking up are more comfortable to keep because, at this time of day, there is less interruption.

Take advantage of these early hours of the day to use them well.

You will be more motivated for the rest of the day and will do more things than other people do in a whole day.

4. Have a good night’s sleep

Waking up at 6 a.m. doesn’t do much good, especially if you need seven hours of sleep and don’t go to bed until 2 a.m.

Everyone’s body is different, but most researchers agree that the idea is to have 8 hours of sleep.

Not getting enough sleep affects our mood, our ability to concentrate, and our health. When you are tired, it is difficult to stay motivated to achieve our goals.

5. Set Up A Routine

Putting in place a solid routine will make all the difference because it will not only reduce your stress but will also help you optimize your time and be more efficient.

For example :

  • Get physical exercise.
  • Set the start and end time for your workday.
  • Spend time relaxing, thinking.

Your days will be more organized, more productive, and you will be less stressed.

6. Remember your WHY

You decided to start your business for a specific reason. It is necessary to remember this “why” from time to time.

Looking back, where you started, and looking where you are going is great for staying motivated.

7. Know how to reward yourself

It is in our nature to reward someone who has done an excellent job. As a child already, we received encouragement, gifts every time we accomplished something. It stayed rooted in us.

So remember to reward yourself every time you reach a goal, whether small or large. Working without reward ends up killing motivation.

How to reward yourself? There are many examples, and each has its pleasures (music concert, cinema, restaurant, sporting event, etc.)

You don’t need to spend money or a lot of money on it. You could organize a hike with friends on a Sunday.

8. Write down Your Goals

Goals without a plan are just ideas.

Every entrepreneur has goals they want to achieve, and if we forget to write them down, chances are they will never come true.

Writing down your goals and the steps you need to go through will increase your chances of success.

You could write them down on your phone, on a piece of paper, or on aboard. This will allow you to have them in front of you and review them whenever you need motivation.

9. Find Inspiration

We all need outside inspiration to continue to stay focused and motivated.

You can find inspiration by listening to a song that motivates you before starting a job, making a phone call, going to an appointment.

It can also be regularly watching an inspiring film that drives you or reading quotes, books on personal development, business.

Seeking inspiration allows us to maintain a positive state of mind. This helps keep us motivated to overcome difficult times.

10. Surround yourself with people with the same mindset

There will be people around you who will be jealous, who will hate you and others who will have doubts about what you want to accomplish.

No one has achieved anything significant by surrounding themselves with such people.

Surround yourself with people who have the same frame of mind like yours, who also have a desire to succeed.

To realize your vision and make your idea a reality, you need positive and caring people to encourage you, celebrate your victories, give you advice and advice.

11. Get Inspired By Others

There are many examples of success stories, from which you could draw motivation and wisdom.

Read the biographies of the people you admire. Watch their interviews on the internet. Absorb their knowledge and wisdom.

Learn how they recover after failures and how they cope with difficult times. What are their routines? Their priorities? How do they keep them motivated?

12. Spend Time For Yourself

It is essential to take a little time each day to disconnect from work. Do something to decompress and stop thinking about everything you need to do.

For example, you could play the guitar, watch a movie, have a drink with a friend. Forget the work!

13. Focus On The Positive

There are days when things go wrong, and sometimes it’s the show.

When you feel like nothing is working, stop and find at least something that worked the same day or during the week.

This will put things in perspective and let you know that you have achieved things that bring you closer to your goals.

Adopting a positive mindset will help you overcome problems more efficiently and stay motivated to keep moving.

14. Have Fun

You decided to be an entrepreneur to have a different life than the one you had before.

Often, we start a business with a lot of enthusiasm and a kind of liberation, and we end up becoming stressed, a slave to our work, reproducing the same habits as before. Remember as often as possible why you decided to become an entrepreneur and correct the wrong things. This will help you stay motivated.

What matters in entrepreneurship is not so much to reach the destination, but to enjoy the journey (with its ups and downs) that transforms us.

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