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Moving Forward: 5 excuses that prevent you

Dare, because ultimately, only the person sitting in your place can do it.



moving forward
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What keeps you from moving forward in your life? To have the ideal job you love? To have the life of your dreams? Finally, to simply see all your wildest desires and dreams come true.

This is what we will see today.

Could it be that you are preventing yourself from going towards what you want? I have read several books on the fact that we are often our self-sabotage in our life. Many excuses keep you from moving forward.

When we find excuses for doing or not doing something, we lose control over our lives. Wayne Dyer has written an excellent book on the subject: Stop making excuses!

The good news is that you will better understand what happens when you try to implement a change, an action, but you do not succeed, or you feel that something is blocking you.

In this article, you will learn how to avoid certain behaviours, and of course, you will discover what you should do instead to dare to change, dare to go to people, dare to find the job that will make you vibrate, dare to travel if that’s what you want, daring to speak in public, threatening to get out of your comfort zone, daring to shine, daring to ask for help, daring to say no, daring to say what you think, daring to be your true self!

Dare, because ultimately, only the person sitting in your place can do it. YOU.

The 5 excuses that prevent you from moving forward

For the rest, I ask you to take the time to read the five reasons while listening to the voice that is happening as you read. Watch that little monkey in your head. What does your ego say?

1. Play the victim

I know it is not fun to be told that you complain all the time and that you are a victim. Is it possible that you often complain about the same thing, the same situation?

Take the example of a person who sees his colleague being promoted in his place. For the next few weeks, he rejoiced, said that he had a good interview, that he did not understand why he did not get the job. He will complain, moan, sigh. And the people around him will console him and try to cheer him up. But nothing will. Nothing will work, because he is in Abandon’s wound. The greatest fear of this person who is in this injury is loneliness.


It’s hard to hear, but it’s as if you’ve revelled in the role of victim. By complaining, you attract the attention of others, your complaints.

I’ll give you a more straightforward example. My son comes home from school and says: Mom, I hurt my knee, and it hurts. He put on two big bandages, and he told everyone he met about them. And of course, people took the time to say to him: Ha yes, show me, wow you’re brave blah blah blah … so he got the attention he wanted.

Every person will talk about what is happening to them, but even if you give them advice, they will not listen to them, because what they want is your attention.

It’s like when you give someone advice. What they will be telling you is YES BUT, and they change the subject.

This is how a person can repeat the same story for 20 years without wanting to find solutions because he always has an ear to listen to it.

I admit that I was the same until the moment when I became aware of my responsibility, and I assumed my choice.

The solution for the moment, if you see yourself in this behaviour, just observe it and don’t make any judgment.

Be aware when you see yourself going into this behaviour. Because the way to transformation starts with awareness, and you have to be aware.

2. It’s never the right time!

I remember often saying to myself; it is not a good time to start my own business. I have so much to learn before.

And yet, what I wanted was to have it, but I was making excuses because I was afraid of not being a successful entrepreneur.

Do you also say that this is not the right time?

It is not the right time to change jobs because my colleague is sick, it is not the right time to start going to the gym and loose couple Lbs and get in better shape again,

Because I am overworked at work, it is not the right time to travel, because I have to finish a project, this is not the right time to rest, because I have to finish what I wrote on my to-do list.

Finally, everything that makes you postpone your dream, your goal.

The solution is to make a list of what you are putting off because it is not the right time. By taking the time to realize it, it will be easier for you to get started.

3. The money problem

I want to quit my job, I don’t like it anymore, I’m demotivated, but it pays off the bills, and I don’t want to lose a paycheck!

Or I don’t know if I have enough money to pay for training to become an entrepreneur or take charge of my life!

There is a lot of free information on the internet to help you grow and learn about yourself.

Have you started to practice and put in place the tools that are given to you with heart?

Have you implemented actions because you want a change?

The solution is to ask yourself the question: if you had the money, you need to pay you the trip of your dreams so much, to pay you training on entrepreneurship or even pay you a coach who will guide you step by step no…

would you take action?

If the answer is no, then you have an excellent excuse in front of you.

4. The others above all

How happy our ego is when we take this sentence out. It is true that through the education we have received, we have developed a belief that says that we must take care of others before taking care of ourselves.

We have to do good deeds. You give it to others, and if you have time, you will give it to yourself.

And so here we go in the world with this beautiful belief, “one day when I have time, I will take care of myself.”

If one takes care of oneself, it is to be selfish! And I’m sure you don’t want to be judged selfish.

WHEN are you going to take care of yourself?

When you are retired, when the children are grown, and they don’t need you … frankly?

Do you think they’ll never get you?

Why wait?

The solution is to redefine selfishness. You are asking someone else to take care of you first before your own needs are selfish. Putting yourself first is self-love.

We will be much fresher and more willing if we are right in our heads and in our skin than giving everything and exhausting ourselves, right?

And besides, there is a good chance that you will help because you want to be loved and not because you want to help!

If you are the saviour of the world, it will be more challenging to stop overnight.

But observe yourself in behaviour and take the time to know if you are helping others because you want to help or if it is because you want to be loved!

5. Fears

I don’t teach you anything. A child who is afraid of water will not immediately jump into the water.

If you are scared of heights, you will not think of parachuting. If you are so frightened of not finding another job, you will prefer to stay where you are even unmotivated instead of going to look for one, if you are afraid of the plane you will make trips that do not involve the aircraft, etc.

The solution is when you feel like you want something but can’t make it happen, ask yourself. What am I afraid of?

Try to do it without mentalizing it.

If you go through the brain, it will analyze, rationalize and convince you that you are not on the right track.

The big question

If you have recognized yourself in one of these situations, what do you think you should do?

Hit you on the head or applaud you?

If you answered hit me on the head, you’re next to the hunt!

On the contrary, you have the right to be applauded because you were strong enough to realize, observe and put into words what prevents you from taking action!




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