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7 things successful people would never say

What we say to ourselves and to others plays a critical role in helping us achieve success.



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You will never hear successful people saying some words because words are powerful and must be chosen carefully because they can make a big difference.

Success is not something that just turns up overnight. Every successful manager, entrepreneur or idealist has followed his path, which was undoubtedly paved with a lot of work and effort. And they all have something else in common: individual attitudes towards life and work, without which they would not have achieved their goals.

Many of the most successful personalities were not born with the golden spoon in their mouths. From this, we conclude: It does not necessarily matter where you come from. The right mentality and an unwavering drive are much more critical. This also means that they do not have widespread, but retarding attitudes:

You will not hear these 7 things from their mouth.

1. “That doesn’t work.”

If everyone had thought about electricity, airplanes, or the Internet, today’s world would look quite different. Successful people see supposed limits of the possible as self-imposed, virtual obstacles. Just because something does not yet exist, it does not have to be impossible – otherwise, there would never have been inventions and progress. Instead of wasting time complaining about barriers, they go straight to finding solutions.

2. “I have no choice.”

As an alternative as a situation may seem, you may just need to be a little more creative, think outside the box, or change your perspective to discover other, better options and options. Successful people know that those who surrender and convince themselves that they have no choice are in a position in which they can only react – and that prevents creativity and innovation. Do not give up looking for alternatives, but always try to create opportunities for yourself.

“I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.” —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

3. “This is not fair.”

First of all, the reason why successful people do not say this sentence is not that it is incorrect. He often does that. So often that you just have to accept that a lot of “unfair things” happen in life. So if your hated colleague has been promoted, even though you are twice as committed and productive, you can vent your anger – but if you want something from it, you shouldn’t limit yourself to whining, but show why you deserve the promotion would have. Stay on the ball and show initiative! No matter how good your work: if nobody notices, the vessel of transportation will pass you next time. And then it’s less “unfair” than your failure.

4. “I hate my job.”

It doesn’t take long to think that a negative attitude towards the job and the work environment can not be very promising. Instead, complaining and complaining are in your way, pulling you down and ruining motivation and productivity. But if everything is crap? Then think about how you can solve the problem. And if nothing helps, start looking for a new job. You hardly want to spend your whole life in a position that makes you unhappy – then you better end the drama sooner than later.

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” ― Drew Carey

5. “This has always been done.”

Needs to know what distinguishes a leader from a follower. And that’s also logical: after all, how can you become successful with something that thousands of people have been doing the same for tens of years? No matter in which area: You always have to be open to new things, and you shouldn’t be afraid to break with conventions. Nobody has ever achieved anything significant without trying something new – and indeed failing one or the other time.

“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower” – Steve Jobs

Always be open and interested in new ideas, approaches and ways. Even if you don’t find something so great at first glance – show interest: “This is an exciting idea – how would it work correctly? “You can still discard them, but don’t miss out on any opportunity and try something new – any purpose could be worth its weight in gold.

6. “This is not my job.”

One of the essential rules on the way to success: Help others to develop further. If you go for lone fighters and try to slow down others, you make life difficult for yourself. Team spirit is irreplaceable to become and stay successful in the long run. Even if you sit in the executive chair and have financial resources – the work and commitment of your employees or partners are and will remain the pillar of your success. Also: A task not to do, has anyone come a long way.

7. “If only I had …”

To regret something is not a nice feeling. And you can easily get lost in imagining what you could have done and achieved. The problem is – as is so often the case: it does absolutely nothing. For most people, the “straighten crown, carry on “attitude is not as easy as it sounds – but it is worth training yourself. Successful people perfect it and take the next opportunity instead of mourning a missed one.

Escaping trains are a lie, there will always be another station where life will shine brighter. Maybe you are not where you expected, but it is never too late to change.

What we say to ourselves and to others plays a critical role in helping us achieve success. Keep going, learn, adapt. That is the motto of a winner.


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