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7 phrases of encouragement to remember when everything goes from bad to worse



phrases of encouragement

Phrases of encouragement are like a nutrient for that strength that we carry inside, which sometimes falls asleep.  When life gets difficult, everything turns black. But there is no need for despair because everything is momentary, and although the circumstances do not seem to change, they do, only perhaps not as quickly as we would like.

That’s why we all need to read encouraging phrases from time to time. As strong as we are, there are always circumstances when everything seems to be dark and almost a dead-end. It is then when we must find those words that will give us back faith and hope in life.

As humans, it is normal. We are not machines, and in the face of adversity, we cannot react like robots. We need time to assimilate bad moments, relocate and then continue.

Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our muscles by lifting weights, we develop our character by overcoming challenges and adversities.Stephen R Covey

It is precisely in those hard moments when phrases of encouragement make the most sense. They help us get back on track and regain confidence in what we are capable of doing.

7 phrases of encouragement, so you have them on hand and check them out if you feel hope is fading.

There are always those who give advice and exemplify with their own experiences; however, each person is different and lives sorrows differently; This list is not intended to distance itself from that, but is designed to shed some light on the dark presence of some people who may be having a hard time:

1. Worrying and getting frustrated doesn’t change reality

This is quite logical, since getting angry or complaining about something has never changed things. The most productive thing is to take action to overcome what affects you or have the patience to wait for a bad period to pass if there is no other way to solve the present problem.

Negative thoughts only make the situation worse, discourage you and take energy away, so it is better to think positively and not lose enthusiasm, even if you are not satisfied with your present circumstances. Remember that you can always feel grateful for the problems you don’t have.

2. Your scars symbolize your strength

Each one of us is full of internal, and sometimes external, scars. These symbolize what you have gone through and lived. They are also a good sign since it means that the experiences had marked you, and you had acquired knowledge and wisdom from each one of them.

One can sometimes make the same mistake twice, but having a scar makes it more difficult to relapse, as it is a sign that there was pain on that path. You never have to be afraid to continue, do not let the scars dominate your life, and become a home of self-pity because that would lead you to suffering.

A scar shows how strong you are and that you have survived.

3. Every little fight is a step forward

Every time you start a project, you have to know that there will be obstacles in the journey and possible conflicts; however, that is not a reason to give up and get discouraged. It just can’t be any other way and, remember that in life, there are always setbacks.

You can find many defeats, but you should not be defeated. Because it may be necessary for you to meet those defeats, in order to know who you are, where you can rise from, and how you can do it.Maya Angelou

If fences appear on your path, it means that you are moving forward, you are already in process, you have started the journey, and what had to appear is making itself present. If your will is strong and real, the safest thing is that you keep going where you want to go.

4. Other people’s negativity is not your problem

Each one lives his own reality; only sometimes we infect each other. This can be both positive and negative. The important thing is that one becomes aware when it occurs and can master that feeling.

The negativity of others can hurt us, and at first, one tends to react in a wrong way, but the wisest thing is to detach oneself and not enter a vicious circle of anger or frustration.

5. Pain is part of the growth process

Pain is inevitable, it can be temporarily or it can last forever but many times it indicates change and progress. When the doors are closed to us, it is because it is time to move forward and to discover new places, meet new people, and to have new experiences that enrich our lives.

Abandoning the known comfort zone is always painful, but we must learn to do it, in another way, as Elisabeth K Ross puts it:

“The most beautiful people I have met are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths”  – Elisabeth Kubler Ross

On the path of pain, it is also observed that a new order always emerges from chaos.  A new rule that incorporates learning and experience to continue advancing. Each time with more lightness, each time with more wisdom, each time with more serenity and awareness that the times of pain have the potential to be times of significant transformations … and, why not, of great opportunities.

6. Everything in life is temporary

Nothing lasts forever. Everything has its cycles. This is something to remember since sometimes we feel that we are stuck in certain depressive stages, and although that may happen, we have to be sure that it will happen.

I know that it is challenging to keep this always in mind because hard times have the particularity of capturing our full attention and blocking those things that could help us, but everything happens; nothing is still the same after an end comes a new beginning.

7. The best thing you can do is never stop trying

Persistence is a fundamental trait to develop in life, so you should never be afraid to keep trying, fear of failure, fear of sadness, fear of not fulfilling your dreams. That defence would only shut us up more in ourselves, and we would live safely, but in monotony, knowing deep down that nothing can be accomplished.

Life lessons teach us that the more you fail, the more you will learn, then the time will come when that curve will change, and you will be hitting more targets and failing less. Keep this in mind when going through difficult times. Many times, things will go wrong for you to go right. In fact, if the way you are travelling is easy, you are probably going the wrong way.

A part of you knows that it is true. However, when life gets especially difficult, it can be challenging to remember these phrases of encouragement. So print this article and let me remind you that, in the darkest moments, each failure is one more necessary step towards success, that each discovery of what is wrong directs you towards what is right, that each arduous attempt exhausts the possibilities of a future error, and that each adversity only hides (for a short time) your definitive route to happiness and success.

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