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7 tips to achieve the «Alchemy of Success»

A new understanding of what true success really is, with the Alchemy of True Success you will be well prepared to consciously create the life of your dreams!



Alchemy of Success

Have you ever wondered what success really is and why all humans on this planet, regardless of race or culture, would like to get it, but only a few can reach it?

I once heard that successes are the culmination of intentionally created purposes. And I thought- “that is something straightforward to achieve,” we just have to try to finish what we started and now … that’s it !!!

But then I read in Albert Einstein’s autobiography that he said: “don’t try to be a successful person, try to be a person of values.” That was when I understood that there is nothing more complicated than trying to get something that we don’t know what it is about.

This is the high alchemy of success, and for it to work, you must not only understand and cultivate each ingredient, but you must also put it all into practice; otherwise, it will become just a sterile recipe.

Also, remember that everything achievable in life only requires understanding, patience and an unwavering will.

7 powerful elements in the alchemy of success

1- There is a simple but powerful element that we would have to know how to recap when we try to fulfill our purposes.

This fundamental element will be the greatest motivation to focus your attention, helping you to mould your creations. This significant element is the so-called VISION.

To recap The Vision that you once had about your project will be one of the main factors of this alchemy.

“If you have no vision of yourself in the future, then you have nothing to live for.” – Les Brown

This visualization will be the initial seed that will shape your dreams, and it is from this seed that your Vision will materialize in your daily reality.
So take a break from time to time, identify every detail of your Vision and visualize the highest purpose of your project and create …

2- The second element has everything to do with trying to eliminate those mental habits of boycotting our projects and mentally training ourselves to BELIEVE faithfully in our visions and in our actions to achieve it.

You heard correctly, and I said, “training ourselves,” “learn to,” “educate ourselves for.” This is extremely important to understand, apply, and to know how our thoughts affect our entire environment. And to be aware that if there is a mental tendency to doubt, fear and worry, then, also know that we are capable of learning to Believe in our instincts, Believe along the way, Believe in our Vision.

This ingredient can determine the true success results in this alchemy. Learn to trust and believe in yourself.

3- Now that you recognize the details of your Vision and faithfully believe in it, we are going to add an ingredient that is the most evident link that unites that Vision to this physical plane to begin to materialize our projects.

“A good intention is like the seed of a tree whose fruit we do not know.” – George Bernard Shaw

This element is called INTENTION. Now there is an outstanding line that separates two kinds of Intent. Both have to do with the action you take, but some steps are performed by the ego’s Intent and others are executed by the heart’s Intent. And if you want to find the real successes, then you will have to use it in the right measure with the intention to obtain it and the intelligence to maintain it. “Think using your heard, feel with your heart.”

4- The quality of a person’s life is directly proportional to the commitment and excellence with the projects that one chooses to carry out. “V. Lombardi.»

The fourth element to add and ensure in this alchemy of success is undoubtedly the COMMITMENT that we have with those visions we want to materialize. I would say that it is imperative to check the levels of serious commitments that we have not only mentally and physically, but also spiritually and emotionally with what we want to achieve.

Remember that commitments are not just your beliefs consistently put into practice.

5- The fifth element in this alchemy of success is the one that differentiates an ordinary worker from a true entrepreneur, visionary and leader. This pure ingredient is also called “The Pearl of Great Price,” “divine morality” this element to add is an absolute RESPONSIBILITY.

“Being responsible is an enormous privilege…. It’s what marks anyone a fully grown human.” – Barack Obama

Because it is one thing to be responsible for being on time at work, but another to be responsible for your destiny. This is one of the most critical components of this formula. If you understand that you are the great creative artist of your reality, then you also understand that there is no one to blame for your failures and that there is no other choice but to take charge of your situations. To be able to see difficulties as mere challenges are the path of the influential entrepreneur, it is the path of leaders, and it is the path of success. Be responsible.

6- To learn new things in life, we ​​will sometimes have to go through the process of unlearning old habits first.

Well, the sixth element in this alchemy of success has to do with educating ourselves to create systematic behaviours that finally guide us to the evolution of our projects. In other words, we must learn to generate new habits that benefit our creation and practice them consistently. Thus, create and respect a clear and sacred DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is the fundamental potion that transmutes obstacles into a goal, Vision into creation, dreams into concrete possibilities. Intentions lead us to actions, commitment keeps us moving, and discipline allows us to follow the process.

7- We already have some of the main ingredients to start prepping this alchemist recipe to achieve success; we only need an element that will help us mix and match the parts. Now I am going to show you how you can achieve this sacred formula by focusing all of your attention on this magical element. But so that you understand the importance of this, I am going to share with you some of the meanings of the origin of this ingredient. Among other sayings, it’s been called a “convergent point”, “place of fire”, “bonfire”, “fire”. What I’m talking about is FOCUS. Focus is one of the most important skills that you can fully develop and cook whatever you want.

Focus your attention on where you want your reality to be.

  • Vision is the realization of your purposes.
  • The beliefs that solidify your posture.
  • The Intentions as the firm steps for the materialization.
  • Commitment as determined to reach your purpose.
  • Responsibility as the recognition of you as your own teacher.
  • Discipline like stoicism to great achievements.
  • Focus as the constant creator of your reality.

These are some of the most straightforward and most powerful elements in this alchemy of success, but remember that true alchemists always find their ways … experiment … find it.

Instead of trying to be a successful person, seek to be a valuable person, the rest will come naturally. Entrepreneurship is for the brave. Be successful without losing your soul. In business, as in life, if you hit the universe, it will return twice as much. Start to implement the above tips to fulfill yourself as a human being, which will lead you to revolutionize your financial environment, to forge a happy, efficient and sustainable company. Build a legal, economic and market scaffolding; learn to negotiate a contract, become an entrepreneur and realize your dreams at every level of your life. Find your alchemy for true success!

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