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9 Tips for having more self-discipline

We all know that the real fight we are waging is the one against ourselves. This is why we need to have self-discipline if we are to win this fight.



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We all know that the real fight we are waging is the one against ourselves. This is why we need to have self-discipline if we are to win this fight.

Studies show that people with self-discipline are happier. Why?

They do not let their impulses or feelings dictate their choices, their decisions.

So, if you too want to control your habits, your preferences, your choices and be happier, here are 9 simple and mighty things that you can put in place to have self-discipline.

1. Recognize Your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. Whether it’s chocolate, Facebook, a video game, these weaknesses all have the same effects on us.

Too often, people try to hide their weaknesses by pretending that they don’t exist.

They do themselves a disservice because you cannot overcome your weaknesses until you have identified and accepted them.

2. Remove Temptations

By simply removing your greatest temptations from your environment, you will significantly improve your self-discipline.

For example, If you want to eat healthier, don’t buy junk food.

If you want to improve your productivity at work, turn off anything that can distract you (app notifications, your phone).

The fewer distractions you have, the more focused you will be on accomplishing your goals.

Program a successful mindset by abandoning bad influences and habits.

3. Set Goals And An Action Plan

If you want to achieve self-discipline, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

You should also have a clear idea of ​​what success means to you. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll quickly get lost on the way.

A clear plan will indicate each step (task) you must take to reach your goals. It is essential to understand who you are, what you want, and why.

You can also create a mantra to stay focused. Successful people use this technique to stay focused and on the way.

4. Build Your Self-discipline


We are not born with self-discipline. It’s something you learn. And like any other skill you want to acquire, it requires learning, daily practice and repetition.

It’s like playing sports or any physical activity. Everyone knows that it is right for your health, and yet not everyone does it.

It is all a question of will and self-discipline. Even if it can be demanding at the beginning, like any change, continue until you integrate it.

It is easy to lose your self-discipline, because of the temptations, the challenges, the vagaries of life are there.

Hence the importance of building your self-discipline well through daily practice to anchor this new habit.

5. Install New Simple Habits

Developing self-discipline and building a new habit can be cumbersome and intimidating at first. Hence the importance of keeping it simple.

Reduce your main goal.

For example, if you want to have a beautiful figure, start by exercising 10 or 15 minutes a day.

If you are trying to get better sleep habits, start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.

If you want to eat healthier, start by avoiding systematically salting your dishes.

Take small steps. And, when you’re ready, add more goals to your list.

6. Eat Often And Healthy

When you are hungry, your ability to concentrate suffers and your brain does not function as well. So eat healthy things and eat regular meals to keep your body functioning.

7. Change Your Design On Will

Our beliefs determine our level of will. If you believe that you have a limited amount of willpower, then you probably will not exceed this limit.

If you do not set boundaries, you are less likely to tire yourself before you reach your goals.

It is the idea that we have on our level of will that determines whether we have a lot or a little.

If you can remove these unconscious (and often unjustified) obstacles and honestly believe that you have the willpower, then you will give yourself the means and boost your motivation to turn your goals into reality.

It is a story of belief.

8. Prepare A Plan

For example, imagine that you have set up a program for healthy eating, but that you are invited to an evening where there will be a buffet with lots of food.

Before going there, tell yourself that instead of diving into the cheeses, the seed crackers, you will have a glass of water.

Going with a plan will help you have the mindset and self-control necessary for the situation.

You will also avoid making sudden decisions based on your emotional state.

9. Reward yourself

Whenever you reach a goal, you set for yourself, treat yourself to something. This will increase your motivation for the next goals.

We all operate like this since our childhood.

The reward system is robust. It pushes us to focus throughout the process more on the reward, on the result and less on the details.

So every time you have a new goal, find a new reward that will motivate you to reach your goal.

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