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Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules of SUCCESS

There seems to be something like a secret knowledge that is only shared in selected circles and on which the success of so many can be attributed. Arnold says he owes his success to 6 simple principles.



To be successful, you must first have to learn the rules of success. It is no coincidence that most successful people in the world have very similar mindsets, behaviours, expectations and rules. There seems to be something like a secret knowledge that is only shared in selected circles and on which the success of so many can be attributed.

It is straightforward and has nothing to do with Freemasons or other secret societies: Successful people have a better or more successful mindset! So you have smarter beliefs & habits in terms of success & money.

And the mindset of the man who gave me the idea for this article could roughly be summarized as follows: “I’ll be back!“. Of course, we’re talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It has always been clear to me that Arnold must have some first principles of success that have not only helped him become a real estate millionaire before the age of 30 and a multiple bodybuilding world champions but also in becoming the governor of California.

He says he owes his success to 6 simple principles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has already summarized his understanding and his “secrets” about success in 6 simple but fundamental principles.

1. The secret of success: Have confidence in yourself

To be successful, you must first have to learn to trust yourself, your knowledge and skills. And by “trusting yourself,” I don’t mean primarily that you have to build self-confidence.

Building self-confidence is undoubtedly an important area of personal development, but “trusting in yourself” means something different here.

In this context, it means trusting in the grand vision that you have of yourself and what you want to achieve in life and believing that it can become a reality.

First of all, you have to look deep inside yourself and find out who you want to be – not what you want to be or have – but WHO!

The answer to the question of who you want to be can be found in none other than YOU. In no external situation, no magazines, Instagram feeds, not any material object, and it is also not something that suits you can betray another person (not even your parents) or show you.

The majority of people today believe that at some point in their lives, they have to choose WHAT they want to be. Which then means for you in concrete terms what job you would like to do later.

So you see such a decision as an answer to the question of who you want to be. The thing is that this attitude is a real success killer!


Because successful people never have “professions”! Instead, they have a calling! At first glance, the word “calling” doesn’t seem to make any significant difference, does it? But you are wrong! You can make the difference between failure and success. Between misfortune & fulfillment in life!

Only when you do something that is in harmony with who you become as a human being and what you want to achieve in this life, only then can you begin to trust yourself and achieve outstanding progress and success in it. This is an unwritten law!

So, first of all, ask yourself the question: “What makes me happy “As I said, only you can answer this question for yourself. It doesn’t matter how crazy your answer may seem to others. This is not about meeting the expectations of your teachers, friends, parents or anyone else and living by the standards of others.

It is only your life and, therefore, your decision who you want to be, what you make of it, and whether you start in yourself and to trust these broader visions of yourself.

2. The secret of success: break the rules

The second important rule for success, which Arnold Schwarzenegger sets out in the video, can probably be reworded as: “To be exceptional, you also have to think and act extraordinary!”

“You have to think outside the box!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

It is not possible to be unique and successful if everything you do is “join the crowd”! If you always strive to follow social, cultural or community guidelines & rules and just do not attract attention.

You don’t have to break the law to be successful, but there are some rules! The thing is, We humans learn a large part of our abilities and our skills through so-called model learning. Model learning describes those learning processes that are determined by observing our role models.

Why are most only “average successful.”

Model learning is also a great thing, but the vast majority of people use it “ineffectively.” Instead of choosing role models that would support them in realizing their dreams and visions, they “cling” to the guidelines of their social environment and only try to meet the expectations and ideas of others. The result of this successful strategy is to be an apparent average!

So instead of realizing themselves and their dreams, they start “swimming with the stream,” even if it leads them to a completely different goal. “Breaking the rules” means something like occasionally swimming against the current!

“What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

You don’t have to become a “snatched lunatic” who doesn’t want to have anything to do with anything or anyone. However, you have to become someone who decides for himself which rules & guidelines he/she imposes and then complies with. And not for the good of others, but the product of his success!

3. The secret of success: Don’t be afraid to fail

It was Thomas Edison, who once said: “I didn’t fail; I just found 10,000 ways that it didn’t work!” Exactly such an attitude is another part of a real winner and secret number 3 of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success.

The idea of failing with something, be it your planned diet, the attempt to build an online business or just to speak to an attractive woman, paralyzes many people and thus automatically closes the path to success. For many, the fear of failure is something like the eternal companion that prevents them from realizing their potential and reaching their exact size.

“You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure, or you would never push yourself!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s just that we can’t always win. Without exception, each of us has suffered one or two setbacks or failures in our lives. What the hell? It’s called life! That’s OK!

But what many allow through such failures is that “fear of failure” becomes part of their mindset. They begin to disregard the number 1 secret of trust (trust in yourself) and instead allow their inner voice or critic to sabotage them on the way to success.

The inner critic as the most significant hurdle to success

The inner voice becomes this annoying little something that takes the courage to make decisions and act. You must never allow yourself and your fear of failure to become the most significant obstacle between you and your dream.

In everything you do, you should always be prepared to fail. Only if you are not prepared for it, and the failure hits you with full severity, can it knock you down and destroy your “winner mindset” forever.

But if you accept defeat as a natural part of your life and all your projects, it will not have the power to influence you or your psychology.

The fear of failure is nothing more than a mistake in the mindset and can often only be perceived subconsciously.

Sluggishness, laziness, or being unproductive can serve as a pretext for fear of failure and can be an indication that the real problem is much more rooted in the mindset.

Fix this mindset error by starting to believe in yourself, and your vision and that success will come sooner or later.

4. The secret of success: Don’t listen to the naysayers

It is bad enough to allow your inner critic to become a hurdle to success. It is at least as harmful to allow the voices and doubts of others to prevent you from following your calling and realizing your potential!

We all know these people in our lives – the eternal naysayers, pessimists & energy vampires! Each of us has already been able to experience what it is like when our ideas or dreams are not approved by others or even badly talked about by them.

“You can never do that in life,” “Just forget it,” “Oh, that never works,” “What is that nonsense?”, “Better just keep it simple”…

I don’t need to go into more detail about the “messed up mindset” of such people and that they are the only people they harm with such sayings, as long as you don’t pay attention to them.

But allowing not yourself, but someone else, to be the reason why you can’t achieve a goal or live a dream is probably one of the stupidest things there is. Making your happiness and the fulfillment of your life dependent on someone other than yourself can only be described as insane, can’t you ?!

So stop listening to those who want to make you believe that you are not good enough for something or that you cannot realize your dreams & visions. You didn’t deserve your attention! Instead, start by surrounding yourself with the people who support you and make you believe that you can achieve your goals.

But more importantly, start believing that you can achieve your goals, whether they seem crazy or impossible to others (1st secret of success).

5. The secret of success: Work as hard as you can.

This rule is the most important, but at the same time, it is straightforward and says: “From nothing, nothing comes!” To achieve your goal, there is no way around hard work. Everything worth striving for costs effort, time, work and occasionally a nerve! It is a natural law, just like gravity!

“No pain, no gain!”

So be prepared that you have to go along & difficult way until you realize your dreams. Many characteristics make up a person with a “winning mindset.” One of the most important of these is this: DISCIPLINE!

An essential quality for success

“Working on something” and “working disciplined on something” are two very different pairs of shoes. If you want to be successful and want to make money on the Internet, for example, you can’t do it with 1 hour of work a week.

As with all other dreams and goals, you first have to decide to give everything to make these dreams and goals come true.

Only when you become willing to follow the rules of success and committed to working through the weekend instead of going out to party with your buddies or friends just hanging out, only then has “hard work” become a valuable ally of your mindset, and you have understood what “No pain, no gain!” actually means.

Don’t forget: “While others are celebrating or doing nothing, there is always someone out there who is working on their goals! And that someone will be the winner in the end.”

6. The secret of success: Give something back

No matter which path you take in life and which successes you achieve, you must never forget to give something back. I guarantee that in life, you will find no greater satisfaction than sincerely helping others with what you can do, what you know, or who you are.

Few things fill you as much as the knowledge that you have helped someone else or that you have inspired or motivated something. The thanks of this person and the fulfillment they feel is worth more than all the money in the world.

For this reason, when striving for success, you should always be careful that success alone does not lead to fulfillment and that everything you do should still contribute to the common good even if it’s just a little bit.

In short: “Success/money alone does not make you happy! “So make sure that you share your success with others by giving something back to your friends, those around you, or those in need.

Only in this way can you become someone who reaches people beyond success and plays a real role in their lives. To someone who not only managed to achieve what they want to make but to someone who is an actual role model for others.

Study the rules of success and best wisdom of successful people

Arnold Schwarzenegger was and is much more to me than a mere actor and action hero. He is someone to look up to and learn from these six secrets of success. With the help of this and his iron discipline, he has achieved unimaginable success.

Regardless of whether you dream of making a lot of money with an online business or just doing something that fully fulfills you, you should make these 6 success secrets part of your mindset. Because I am sure, how they helped Arnold, they can also help you to make your dreams, goals and visions come true!

Wisdom in life is the essence of knowledge that extraordinarily successful people have captured for future generations. They can inspire and motivate you to think. There is such wisdom not only about success but also about life, love, friendship, problems & challenges and many other vital areas of growth & personal development.

You can find a vast collection of such pearls of wisdom in this article about the rules of success.

Use your potential,

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