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Change in life 7 signs of a life change



Change in life

Change in life is something that scares many people. At the same time, changes are significant if we want to live the fullest possible life.

Why do we need the change so much that it intimidates us?

Are there any signs that we can tell that a change is due?

These questions and more will be answered today.

Changes in life are constant.

Nothing is as constant as change. Even if it sounds a bit paradoxical at first, you have probably had this experience countless times in your life.

We do not need to speak of childhood and youth here, because, in these times, it is evident that something is constantly changing in our lives.

This is also accepted by most people and is considered “normal”. However, it doesn’t really change after that.

Many of us strive to arrive at some point, settle down, and make a few changes as possible.

However, life change is a continuously active process, even if we fight against it with all our might.

Why is that?

We, humans, are beings that arise from nature, and in life, nothing is constant except change.

Time for a change – live your life the way it is meant for you.

Fear of change is not a bad thing at all. It shows us the way in a certain way. Most of the time, the change you’re afraid of is the one for you.

However, change does not mean that something serious has to happen or that an essential part of your life breaks away.


Changes happen almost every day on a small scale, such as when you suddenly feel like having muesli in the morning instead of bread.

Or if you choose to drink more water and less coffee. These are all changes that we no longer consciously perceive as such.

Our mindset has also been programmed so that we shy away from and avoid the uncertainties in life because we simply don’t know what could happen.

However, you will never be happy if you try to avoid any changes and hold on to things and people that do not suit you at all.

Life consistently shows you where to go.

Now we come slowly to the whole point of this article. If you follow your feelings, you will find that they work as a navigation system.

We all have that individual intuition in us, but unfortunately, we ignore it as quickly as it came.

You need changes because otherwise, you cannot develop as a human being.

They are necessary because otherwise, you will only ever live on the back burner and will continuously feel this certain discontent within you.

Life always gives you signals that require your attention. In the following sections, we explain 7 possible signs that a change would be right for you.

7 signs that show you that you are ready for a change in life!

N0. 1 You often wake up in a bad mood.

In most cases, this is because something crucial is going wrong in your everyday life.

This means certain activities that are pending during the day and take up a certain amount of time, such as the job.

If you have the wrong job, you logically don’t want Monday, start every week and every day with a bad mood and can’t really enjoy days off because the job will start again soon.

In such a case, your life is said: crappy.

However, it does not necessarily have to be the job itself, but also the workplace.

Maybe you need a local change.

No. 2 You are tired continuously in everyday life, even though you sleep enough.

That means that you lack life energy. We get energy when we deal with the things that we enjoy.

Do you take enough time for joyful things in your everyday life?

Your diet or a lack of exercise can also make you tired because the supply of nutrients is also vital for your mental performance.

Besides, your metabolism requires a minimum amount of physical exercise to keep going.

Build sports, regular walks or other physical activities into your everyday life.

Change your diet a bit and make sure that you consume 80% fresh food and water.

No.3 You have increased sleep disorders and often wake up at night.

Something keeps you awake, and this “something” is very often in your subconscious.

While you are sleeping, it works, and your consciousness is on standby.

However, if there are things in your subconscious that you have repressed but actually need your attention, you cannot sleep peacefully.

So it can happen that you often wake up at night or have trouble falling asleep even though your body is tired.

In many cases, this sign also indicates that you are displacing something.

No.4 You get sick all the time.

If you are often ill and feel “knocked out,” this usually means that you should allow yourself rest and time for yourself.

In these cases, your body ensures that you are no longer active outside as often, but also lean back.

Not only your body but also your mind needs regular rest.

That is why it is fatal to go to work or to simply continue your everyday life as if you were in good health. Listen to your body and thus also give your soul the necessary peace it needs.

No.5 You have physical complaints all the time.

This sign ties in directly with the previous one since the point here is to allow yourself the necessary calm.

However, physical complaints such as back pain, knee pain etc. can also mean that you could use a change emotionally or mentally or that something is not right.

If this applies to you, you should start paying more attention to your thoughts and feelings.

Do you have too many negative thoughts, or do you exaggerate them?

Are you emotionally unbalanced, and might you need to stay away from a specific person?

No.6 You often feel an absolute emptiness.

This emptiness arises when your everyday life or your life is not fulfilled.

What leads to fulfillment?

Joy, fun and things as well as people who make sense of your life.

Likewise, it can mean that there are areas of life in which you are still aimless and have no future vision that gives you energy.

Be aware of your short-term and long-term goals in every area of ​​life and always act in such a way that you get closer to them.

This approach means that you see significantly more meaning in your life and look forward to the future and can, therefore, make the present better and more meaningful.

No.7 You have constant cravings for sweet or greasy foods.

Feeding attacks are often a sign that you want to fill a gap.

What are you missing in your life right now?

Where exactly does this gap arise that you fill with unhealthy food?

Happiness hormones are produced for a short time through sugar, salt and fat. However, this never lasts long, so you will soon need new stimulation.

In many cases, this creates a vicious cycle that leads people to overweight and eating disorders.

Make sure that you produce enough happiness hormones in your everyday life through exercise, tasty & healthy food, meeting people you like to have around you, etc.

There are probably other signs that you can and should notice, but we have shown you the most common ones.

Terrifyingly, many people will inevitably find themselves here at one point or another. However, this is not bad at all, but rather very good.

This gives you the chance to become aware of the signs and act accordingly to be happier and happier.

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