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CLARITY in your mind 3 simple steps



CLARITY in your mind

Do you want more clarity? We often feel pushed back and forth by life and, therefore, no longer know where we actually want to go. With these following simple steps, you can generate clarity, solve problems and bring structure into your life.

Step # 1 for more clarity: Define your current situation

It is best to take a pen and paper now and do this exercise immediately. The following method helps to solve a specific problem or to bring clarity to your life in general. We now assume that you have a problem right now and just don’t know how to solve it.

Then write down what exactly your problem is. Sometimes we ignore this understanding. We just have a terrible feeling, and then we start doing it in the hope that the feeling will go away. Don’t do that, but become an analyst now. What exactly is your problem right now?

Write in the most transparent possible words. Most problems are entirely banal – you don’t have to become a psychologist first. For example, I am unhappy in my job / I have back pain / I feel lonely.

Step # 2 for more clarity: Define your desired situation

In the second step, write down what your desired situation would look like. Don’t think of how to get there yet. Simply bring clarity to your mind by defining a definite goal.

Again, be as transparent as possible. What is the opposite of your problem? Using the above examples: I work in a job that fulfills me / I am completely pain-free / I live in a happy relationship.

When you have completed these 2 steps, you are clear and motivated. Your brain now knows where it wants to go and where it wants to go. This is precisely the state you want to achieve.

It’s actually pretty straightforward, but usually, nobody takes the time to sit down and really analyze their situation. I really advise you to do that. Let it become a habit of you to write down your problems and make them concrete.

The beautiful thing about it: Sometimes, you write down a problem and realize that it was much more significant in your head than in reality. Writing it down can then be the solution.

Step # 3 for more clarity: Define a plan

In the 3rd step, you make a step plan and get into action. It doesn’t have to be complete, but you should at least know the next step towards the desired situation. For example, if you are unhappy in your job, what would be the rough steps towards a career that fulfills you?

You should first know which job would do you. Then you could acquire the skills you need for such a position, etc.

If you have the rough steps, make the next step very specific. What exactly is your milestone now? When did you achieve it on schedule? Once your step-by-step plan is in place, all you have to do is implement it.


The 3 steps for clarity briefly summarized:

What is your current situation?
What is your dream situation?
What is your next step towards the desired situation

I wish you success!

PS: This plan for clarity works best if you have someone who gives you feedback and is not in your first-person perspective.

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