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Our Changing World – The Power of your thoughts Episode 2

A paradigm doesn’t change by itself. You have to change it. But where do you start?




Have you ever thought about the power of your thoughts? Have you ever thought about thinking while you were thinking? We, humans, are the only living beings capable of this. We can decide whether to believe our thoughts or not. We can choose to change a thought if we don’t like it. Because we know that we can think and think about our thoughts.

We think about 60,000 thoughts a day. Quite a lot right? We are not aware of most of them. We cannot switch off our thoughts so easily and therefore they keep going, whether we pay attention to them or not. Of these thoughts, it is said that only about 3% are positive. The rest are negative or insignificant.

Everything is energy!

Scientists have long confirmed that everything around us is energy. Really everything, including ourselves. That means that matter is not as real as we always thought. Nothing really stands still but is under constant vibration. Every energy sends out a frequency. Our brain translates these frequencies into what we see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

We also continuously send out frequencies with our thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts and feelings have a higher vibration and negative ones a lower one. Thoughts are like magnets and they attract other things that have the same vibration. So a negative thought draws more negative thoughts and negative situations into our lives and vice versa. This is the law of attraction that I’ve written about here before.

So our thoughts create our life. Every thought is real and has power, even if we don’t see it. Radio waves, UV rays, radiation from microwaves and cell phones, we cannot see all of this with our eyes either, and yet it is there. You have created everything that happens to you with your own thoughts. We determine our vibration through our thoughts. The higher it is, the more we attract things that we like. A very good book on the power of thought and the law of attraction is ” The Secret ” * by Rhonda Byrne. If you are interested in this topic, then you have probably already read it and if not, I would definitely recommend it to you.

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms: energy, frequency and vibration” – Nicola Tesla

Thoughts create our lives

When you become aware of the power of your thoughts and what these thoughts are and how much power they have, we quickly realize how much power we ourselves have. We are the only living things that can control their thoughts. We can decide whether we think positively or negatively. So we have power over what events we pull into our lives. We are creating everything that lies ahead here and here with our thoughts and the resulting feelings. There is no accident!

As soon as we start thinking more positively, our life changes. That is a fact and I can confirm it myself. Suddenly we are attracting new opportunities, new people and situations. If we take a more positive approach, we have more self-confidence and it makes things a lot easier for us.

Our thoughts can motivate or demotivate us. Most people put themselves down in their heads every day, criticize themselves and don’t feel good enough. I know that only too well. These constant self-destructive thoughts reduce our vibration and our self-esteem. With a constantly nagging voice in your head, it’s no wonder if you’re tired, demotivated, stressed, or depressed.

But when we motivate, praise and talk well in our heads, we suddenly have a lot more energy and a lot more desire to try something new. Our thoughts become our words and our words our actions.

Everything we are is the result of what we have thought. – Buddha

How do I change my thinking?

Changing familiar thought structures is not easy. I’ve written several articles about how I do it. Here, for example, I have explained how our subconscious determines our thoughts and here about how we can change our old programs. The most important thing is to always be aware of your thoughts. And not believing everything.

In order to think and change our lives, we have to become our best friend ourselves. I work on it every day. We have to allow ourselves to let the beauty in our lives. To do this, we just have to recognize the beauty around us and focus on it. And we have to recognize the beautiful IN US and concentrate on it and not on what we cannot, do not have and are not. There is no use to anyone if we get ourselves ready in our thoughts. We are only harming ourselves.

Knowing that we are in control and can change our lives at any time feels incredibly good. We are not victims who simply have to bow to their destiny. We can take our lives into our own hands and if we don’t like it, we can change it here and now. Everything starts in our head!


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