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Simplify your life: Choose a more peaceful and fulfilled life

Simplify your daily life is an excellent resolution to make your everyday life more pleasant and much more productive. More life



Simplify your life
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“Why keep it simple when you can make it complicated? You certainly know this maxim, which today has become a real creed for modern women and men. Eh yes! Today, our days are strewn with complications and puzzles.


To fill our lives with actions and spice up our lives. However, if a little complexity can be a driving force, by dint of looking for problems where in reality, there are none, we end up wasting our lives in the details. In this sense, it is essential to simplify your life to refocus on the essentials and on what contributes to our happiness.

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” – Leo Babauta

Simplicity: why is it complicated?

Simplifying your life is a concept that can make you smile as it is today unimaginable to break free from complexity. And it’s completely understandable! Rimming with moderation and minimalism, simplicity has this mediocre and bland side that hardly inspires envy.

Besides, in a society that continually pushes us to run after time and never stays idle, it is almost impossible to live simply.

We have, despite ourselves, become real experts to fill our daily lives with everything and anything as little as they allow us to satisfy our insatiable desires and our contradictory pleasures.

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” – Henry David Thoreau

It must also be said that man, by nature, is a complicated being. Indeed, it is not so much life that is complicated, and it is the man who always tends to complicate it. The proof: we invent gadgets with ever more complicated functions every day. And the more complicated it is, the more we consider it reliable and efficient.

Furthermore, if living simply seems so tricky, it is because we allow ourselves to be drawn into a system of values ​​distorted by a dehumanized society advocating the cult of futile appearance, perfection, excellence, the race to success and material possession.

Today, we no longer count the number of people who base their value on the eyes of others. So, we spend our time complicating life to please everyone, we complicate life to fit in, and paradoxically we complicate life because we want to be authentic and different.

So living simply seems so complicated. And from illusion, life suddenly looks like a big bag of knots.

Simplify life: why do it?

As presented in many books or articles, living simply can seem confusing and not always pleasant. There is indeed something to feel somewhat taken aback when we see certain magazines or blogs which ask us to get rid of almost everything we have to reorganize our life. Still, others suggest that we do without our smartphones and unsubscribe from all social media.

With so many restrictions and conditions, it is therefore quite reasonable that one quickly has the impression that cleaning up one’s life is a sacrifice. Which is not at all the case! Simplifying your life is not just a matter of getting rid of certain things. There is no question of loss, and on the contrary, it is a significant gain of many things :

  • Time for our loved ones.
  • Space to breathe and to refocus on oneself.
  • Energy to work on projects that are important to us.
  • Attention and awareness.
  • Valuable resources that can be directed to what matters.

Cleaning up your life is, therefore, a real necessity to lead a life rich in positive experiences. Indeed, more simplicity is the guarantee of enjoying a creative and pleasant daily life. Reorganizing your life is what it is, creating your life to measure and at your own pace.

In short, a simple life is a life that resembles us and makes sense.

Simplify your life: An imperative for a peaceful life

It is often said that happiness is in simplicity. This statement is all the more true when we know that living in muddled and disorganized manner tires makes us bitter and dissatisfied. Indeed, by dint of chasing performance, excellence and perfection, we end up losing touch with the present moment, and we lock ourselves in a feeling of incompetence.

Stress, anxiety and lack of confidence will then install and insidiously undermine our physical and psychological resistance.

“Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.” – Edwin Way Teale

On the other hand, the quote above by Edwin Way Teale says that by eliminating the complexity of our life by getting rid of the unnecessary, the difficulties would reduce themselves. Indeed, complexity implies being burdened with things that one does not necessarily need. Things that unnecessarily weigh down our lives and weigh on our happiness.

Cleaning up in this life will then allow us to lighten our daily lives. But above all, to no longer have the feeling of being oppressed and overwhelmed by things.

Simplify your life: the keys to get there

So yes, you have to admit, even if it seems obvious, simplifying your life is not always that easy. Especially since we are champions in the art of making our lives more complicated. Choose a sports hall at the other end of the city, agree to organize a party when you are overwhelmed with files …

To clean up your life and reorganize your daily life, you have to be resourceful. Keeping this in mind, you should know that without going so far as to upset, if we change some habits a little bit, they can help us to feel more relaxed and more serene:

  • Optimizing your home to create a healthy environment
  • Sorting regularly to reject the extra
  • Aim for the essentials by better managing your priorities
  • Organize daily life to make the difference between what is essential and what is urgent
  • Achieve small goal daily so as not to procrastinate
  • Opt for mobile apps that help simplify your life
  • Savour short breaks to reconnect with yourself and your environment
  • Take the time to appreciate and surround yourself with objects that make us happy.
  • Anchoring in the present moment
  • Verbalize what is wrong
  • Know how to say no

And you, what are your best tips for simplifying your life? Do not hesitate to share them with us on our Facebook page.

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