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Best 3 Steps Strategy To Overcome Obstacles And Solve Problems (Before They Appear)



overcome obstacles

If you want to overcome obstacles in your life, you must begin by perceiving them as a mere detour towards your final objective. Always keep in mind that your goals are achievable and once you focus on your ultimate goal, don’t let obstacles distract you. When stumbles outweigh successes, there is always a way you can mend the road and continue trying.

How beautiful life would be if everything we want to be was within our grasp just by snapping our fingers, right? In reality, the wishing well is out of order, and the real path to our goals can be so long.

What is even worse, many times, we get stuck on that journey because we encounter obstacles that are difficult to overcome, which causes you to deviate from your goal or even give up forever.

The good news is that there is a proven strategy to overcome the vast majority of obstacles or problems, even before they appear! Sounds interesting? … then read on.

“I never think about how difficult an obstacle can be, and I just get over it.” -Vince Lombardi

It was the last minute of the game…

The stadium was bursting, the screams of euphoria could be heard from millions of people gathered. The coach had beads of sweat running down his face and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The last play defined what was already an announced victory: The Seahawks (Seattle Seahawks) were Super Bowl champions for the first time in their entire history. one

In February 2014, this American football team felt the refreshing feeling of victory.

It was no accident. This team implemented a strategy that works on the court and also in this game called “daily life.”

But before I tell you what it is about, I want to explain a significant point: the origin of all your obstacles (even those that have already been overcome) is precisely the same, look at the following two situations:

> When we see an Everest-sized problem in front of us, fear takes advantage and makes us feel even smaller.

> The same happens when we have a winning spirit, and we contemplate the landscape from the top of that mountain (which was previously called an obstacle).

This means that the problem and the solution are in the same place: your mind.

The Seatle Seahawks triumphed because they not only trained their body but also trained their mind.

Train your mind to achieve goals and overcome obstacles with this strategy …

The coach who managed to make them champions for the first time, knew perfectly well that a strong athlete is not only the one with the most muscles or the fastest, a strong athlete is one who trains his mind to win.

His strategy with the team was so recognized that the Seahawks defence performance was hailed as one of the best of the Super Bowl era. 2

The same thing happens in your daily life: if you want to achieve favourable results and overcome obstacles, you have to prepare your mind for the game.

The goal-line strategy to overcome obstacles

If you have ever seen a football game, you have noticed that there are two parties involved in defence and offence.

You can imagine that the defence has the mission of blocking the opposing team, while in the offensive part, it has the purpose of overcoming obstacles to score on the other side of the court.

I’m not an expert in the game, but I’ve always liked to see how players plan plays, trying to analyze the defence and find the best strategy to beat it and move in the right direction to score.

The goal line is a typical move, and I think it is a good name for this strategy, which is based on a critical principle (which soccer players also do): do mental simulations.

There are simulations of all kinds: flight, financial, emergency, weather, driving … all with the same definition.

A simulation consists of imagining the process of any system over time, and it has three objectives: to understand its operation, to find new strategies that improve the performance of this system and, here comes the important thing, to detect errors in time 3

This means that a mental simulation has the same objective: to imagine how things will happen over time.

If you look, you are already doing it every day, for example when you imagine where to go to dinner with your family, or the birthday gift you want to give to your best friend.

An essential thing in any simulation is to imagine not only the end result but the sequence of steps to obtain that result.

Learn how to overcome obstacles

Also, keep in mind that there will always be obstacles in your way, so waiting for them to disappear or for everything to settle into place is not the answer.

Overcoming obstacles also requires creating goals that are achievable and realistic, as this can ensure success.

Therefore it is convenient that your goals are simple, clear, desirable and measurable.

“We develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and obstacles.” – Stephen Covey

1.-Imagine the sequence of steps

Imagine right now that you are going to prepare a delicious sandwich, you have to visualize the steps needed to be able to have that delightful sandwich in your hands.

Close your eyes and imagine those steps (here I wait for you).

I imagined preparing my sandwich.

Ready? … how does your sandwich look?

You’re probably even hungry right now. Your mind managed to visualize the sequence of steps to obtain the final result: take a good bite out of that sandwich.

2.-Imagine the possible obstacles in your sequence of steps

This is where things get interesting, please visualize that sequence of steps again, but this time try to detect any potential barriers, problems or difficulties you may encounter.

Come on; it will take you 10 seconds!

I already visualized the possible obstacles.

Well, maybe, you thought you didn’t have bread at home (obstacle # 1), you probably visualized that you don’t have any ingredient in your fridge (obstacle # 2) or you realized that just one is not enough for your fierce hunger (obstacle # 3).

These three imaginary obstacles can happen in real life, right? The goal here is to find the solution in advance.

3.-Give an effective solution to these obstacles

Visualize again the steps to follow to prepare your sandwich, but now find a solution to overcome the challenges.

I gave a solution to those obstacles.


These obstacles are no longer because your mind has already managed to overcome them; You found the solution before the problem appeared.

Surely you think that preparing a sandwich and achieving your goals in life has nothing to do with it, but you are wrong, this strategy works in any case.

Several scientific studies prove the effectiveness of mental simulations. 4 5 6. Everyone agrees that people who spend time doing mental simulations more favourably achieve their goals.

People who do mental simulations achieve their goals.

This happens because the simulations allow us to plan in a real way how to go from the starting point A to the resulting point B, which will enable you to visualize the steps that you will be following in real life objectively.

Also, when you think about the solution before the problem or obstacle appears, it stops being an obstacle and becomes just one more step on your way to the goal, which generates excellent mental relief and reduces stress.

But, like everything in life, there are rules …

The 2 rules in the goal line strategy

For your mental simulations to work, and the referee does not warn you, you need to follow these two rules:

  1. Visualize the entire series of steps to your goal and not just the end result
  2. Try to predict possible obstacles and solve them in advance in your mind.

The Hawks won the championship because they saw themselves winning, they visualized the steps that led them to that goal.

They also visualized the possible obstacles that would probably prevent them from winning and, of course, gave them a mental solution, which helped them overcome barriers in advance.

And guess what? Now it’s your turn…

Now you know what to do, you have within your reach a powerful strategy to overcome obstacles, problems or difficulties before they appear.

Visualize the steps towards your goal and put the goal line strategy into practice starting today.

Thousands of people in the world need this strategy in their lives, share!

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