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How to turn your problems into opportunities for change in 5 steps

No matter what happens in your life, don’t give up on your problems, and take action to beat them and take advantage of them.



turn your problems into opportunities

That is the main reason why today I want to teach you how to turn your problems into opportunities to change your life, so that you realize that, looking at them from another point of view, they can be beautiful lucky strokes for you.

Surely you have had bad times in which life has hit you hard. In those moments, your world is flooded with worries. When you think that nothing worse can happen, a catastrophe happens.

And when you feel that all that suffering tightens you more and more inside you, the last thing you think about is turning your problems into opportunities.

The pressure is there, and it is difficult not to fall into it; that is why you are looking for the most straightforward solution you have at your fingertips: avoid your problems at all costs.

You push those concerns aside because you don’t feel ready to deal with them right now.

You distance yourself from the people who may be the source of your problems because that is easier than having to face them, and decide if they will continue in your life or not.

The bad thing is that this will not solve anything. Sooner or later, that problem will reappear before you, and it will haunt you again like a ghost from the past that was hidden behind you.

I know it is not easy to look further when you have a problem and to look at it from another perspective that helps you understand and fix it.

But it is the only way to keep going if you don’t want that obstacle to come back to you at any moment by surprise.

Regretting something that has happened to you for a few days is good to let off steam, but doing it day after day won’t do you any good.

With that, you will only get caught without being able to move from that place.

Instead, with a different attitude, you will achieve something much more critical: realizing that these problems are blessings to change your life.

We all see problems as something negative that we don’t want to happen to us.

But what we don’t realize is that in reality they are just lessons destiny sends us and that without them we could not grow as people.

Your problems not only make you grow, but they also reveal what you are capable of achieving and overcoming.

And that’s something you should never forget, especially when you are in your most difficult moments.

5 steps to turn your problems into opportunities to change your life

1. Look at your problems from a different point of view

If you want to turn your problems into an opportunity to grow, the starting point is to recognize the situation you are in.

Don’t try to run away from it, or push it aside trying to get it to go away, because that just won’t happen.

You must accept it, but without seeing that situation as a problem, but as a push to go ahead and learn from it.

Realize that as people, when we think of something as a problem, we are telling our mind that it is something that has no solution.

Thoughts like ” I can’t, “this can’t be fixed, “I won’t be able to get out of this” begin to cross our heads, and in this way, you will only be able to block yourself and prevent yourself from finding a remedy for that.

However, seeing it from another point of view, you will be able to prove to yourself that this situation does have a solution because you will be able to see it from a much more objective perspective.

Think of it as a challenge instead of a problem. The moment you do this, you will notice that your mental attitude changes completely.

When you look at it as a challenge, your brain, unconsciously and automatically, will tell you, ” maybe I can do it, yes I can overcome it. ”

There, without you hardly realizing it, you will be raising your motivation, seeing a possible solution that can become something real.

The wheel of your imagination will start looking for alternatives, and you will draw from within the strength you need to solve it and face that challenge.

2. Wake up the champion you carry within you

We are all part of something great. And that greatness begins deep within us, coming to light when we need it most.

You also have within you a champion, a winner, an energy that is seeking expression. Maybe you don’t call it energy since you’ve given it a different name.

But that power is what makes an entrepreneur without money look for a thousand alternatives to start a new business.

That energy is what gives strength to the mother who is exhausted from working to give her children a better future, and playing with them when she returns home even when she is tired.

And that same power is also within you to help you turn your problems into opportunities, no matter how difficult they may seem to you they are.

But you must wake the champion up to be able to look at your concerns from a different point of view, and for your mind to start working on finding solutions with which you can get out of there.

It may be a little difficult for you to do that, but think about it: How many times has life put obstacles in your way so far?

It may have been more times than you would like, but here you are, alive, and still breathing while reading this.

And that means, if you have been able to overcome these problems in the past, now you can do it again.

Use that kind of thought and energy never to give up, waking up the champion inside you, and look forward with the conviction that you can do anything.

3. Get motivated by reading phrases that inspire you

When you’re in low spirits, and problems seem to build up around you, sometimes it’s hard to find the strength to see that situation as an opportunity for change.

Therefore, one of the strategies that I always recommend for these types of moments is to read phrases that inspire you and motivate you to keep going.

Words are powerful because they have a significant impact on our minds and behaviours.

And just as there are negative thoughts that can make us freeze and sink, there are also positive phrases that give us the push we need even when we are in the worst of times.

A little trick that I have used for years never to lose motivation is to have phrases in one part of my room that make me feel better, and that I can read whenever I visit that place.

I highly recommend you do the same: choose four or five phrases that reach your heart and motivate you and put them in a prominent place that you go through every day.

It can be on a whiteboard on your wall, on your closet door or in your refrigerator in the kitchen, or you can even put them inside a beautiful frame as if they were a painting.

In case you need inspiration, here are 65 positive phrases from Michael Jordan, I posted to help you be happy every day and give you the necessary motivation.

Every time you feel your strength is going to go, read those phrases you have chosen, and you will see that your mind automatically changes the attitude you have towards your problems, and begins to see them more positively.

4. Don’t let your imagination play with you

When we have a problem, inevitably, our minds quickly think about the worst situations that could happen.

The moment you empower your negative thoughts and let your imagination think only of horrible things, you will be losing control of yourself.

Look at it this way: When you go to the theatre, a movie is nothing but lights and sound. It is just a two-dimensional experience.

But the impact it can have on you is perhaps enormous. Surely there is a movie, or even a series, that has marked you and has completely changed the way you see things.

This occurs simply because your imagination has responded in this way to what you have just experienced from a scene, causing specific thoughts and emotions you had from that movie.

And in the real world, the same thing happens: two people, with the same problem, can react in entirely different ways depending on what their minds imagined and thought.

Realize that when you have to face something that is happening to you, it is you who decides how you will react about it.

If you imagine all the bad things that can happen, you will enter a state of negativity from which it will be difficult for you to get out.

On the other hand, if you let your imagination think positively, you will be able to turn your problems into opportunities because you will see the situation from a different perspective than you can learn a lot from.

5. Visualize yourself overcoming that problem

This is the critical point to turn your problems into opportunities: focus on the great satisfaction you will feel once you have overcome your challenges.

Every time there is an obstacle in your life, and you try to run away from it because you don’t know or don’t want to face it, how do you feel afterwards?

Surely you are disappointed with yourself, and your spirit will drop because you have not been able to face it, and you regret not having done something at the time to find a solution.

But if instead you look at the problem from another perspective, and see it as an opportunity to change your life for the better, you will have enough strength to go for it and overcome it.

And when you have succeeded, you will feel an enormous sense of improvement that will make you proud of having been able to do it and not having given up despite those circumstances.

For this reason, no matter what happens in your life, it is essential that you focus on the result, how it will make you feel once it has happened so that from the beginning, your mind starts working with a more optimistic state.

Only in this way can you take it for what it is: the best opportunity to grow as a person, and to improve yourself by becoming someone better.

So don’t give up on your problems, and take action to beat them and take advantage of them. Remember that staying with your arms crossed will never achieve anything.

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