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Decision Making

Whether you are truly successful depends on these 3 simple decisions




The path to success is rocky in most cases, as there are always times when uncomfortable decisions have to be made. Many founders know at least one of these situations: a failed relationship dismissed employees or a job that actually promised security. Fearing to make the wrong decision, many find themselves in a passive mode. You just postpone the verdict. An initially understandable reflex, which, however, leads to nothing more than standstill.

The reason why people are trapped in this downward spiral is due to their decisions.

Average decisions lead to mediocre results. As Seth Godin said:

“Is there a difference between average and mediocre? Not really.” – Seth Godin

Most people don’t have a successful life. They seem to make the same decisions as many others and live an unfulfilled life. They live the average life without passion and calling.

The good news is: you can change your life at any moment. So you can become world-class in everything you do.

Real success can be achieved by making predictable and straightforward decisions. Success is no secret, and it is not complicated.

If you really want to be successful, you have to make decisions that enrich your life continually. You become world-class by following world-class routines.

You have to create an environment that will put you on track for a successful life; otherwise, you will never be able to achieve your ideals.

If you want to be incredibly successful, start doing what incredibly successful people do. That means respect and look after your health. Educate yourself consciously, do not let yourself be drizzled. Develop a daily disciplined routine.

1. Take care of your health.

If you ever dream of playing in the first division clubs, you will need the energy for this highly active lifestyle.

Very successful people prioritize their health over everything else. They avoid eating fast food, and exercising is part of their daily routine. They always get enough sleep.

They take care of their bodies. They know that their good health is a decisive contribution to whether they earn tens of thousands or millions.

Most people don’t eat healthily. They consume too much caffeine, alcohol and sugar. And most of them don’t (or never) exercise regularly. And that’s why many people don’t sleep well either. You are overweight, lazy and always feel tired.

Outstanding success depends on your ability to always function optimally.

2. Invest in self-education, not in entertainment.

Most people prefer to sprinkle, rather than develop or create something.

Entertainment and distraction is the enemy of lifelong learning. If you spend too much time on entertainment, your life will remain mediocre.

When you make ordinary decisions, you have an ordinary life. If you want to be one of these people with extraordinary success, then you have to make extraordinary decisions – give impulses, not let yourself be drizzled.

There is so much to learn, so many places to travel. You can only get there by putting lifelong learning and personal development above everything.

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your personal level because success always depends to a certain extent on your personal development.”Hal Elrod.

3. Morning and evening routines.

Most successful people in the world usually have a very busy morning routine. Routines create an environment to be as productive as possible.

If you act exactly like this, you will also bring the best results. Think like these people and do what they do.

If you want an extraordinary life, you have to give up your normal life.

If you want a successful life, you have to do things that others are not ready for. Most people choose comfort and security over freedom.

If you want to be the best in everything you do, you have to make decisions that nobody else makes.

Everything has its price. If you say yes to an opportunity, it also means that you have to cancel other things.

Unfortunately, many people always choose the “good” options, and not the great ones. They are not patient and ready to let something go to wait for something better.

It is also tricky. Living an extraordinary life, and being world-class in everything requires a lot of discipline and focus. Most people are not ready for this.

Or as Darren Hardy said:

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”Darren Hardy

You have to give up many good things in exchange for better ones.

If you want to be great at everything you do, you have to give up your dependency on security. Stomping your own way is not easy. The results are incredible, but only possible if you estimate the risk. Never let others define your success. Only you can identify it for yourself.

It’s not about money or status or things. It’s about becoming who you want to be.

Ordinary things bring ordinary success.

Those with a shared morality will always have a second-rate life. Think big and you will live big. Think small, and you will live small, with small relationships, little success and a lower income.

What is standard today? What is everyone else doing?

  • Ordinarily means to settle for less than you deserve
  • Usually, it means eating poorly and feeling bad.
  • Usually, it means drinking too much alcohol, eating fast food and watching TV.
  • Ordinarily means indulging in entertainment and distraction rather than lifelong learning and creation.

What is unusual Extreme self-discipline is uncommon? Investing in education is unusual. Not being satisfied with mediocrity is unusual.

Ordinary decisions lead to average success.

Extraordinary decisions lead to average success. Darren Hardy once said:

“Swimming with the crowd is not an achievement. Be the unusual type, the extraordinary type.” – Darren Hardy

Look at your life at the moment. Have you made any unusual decisions lately? Or were they at most average?

> You don’t have to live on cabbage and coconut oil to be healthy.

> You don’t have to wake up at 5 a.m. every day.

> You don’t have to work 20 hours a day to be productive.

> You don’t have to be world-class just because you’ve read many successful articles.

It doesn’t happen in a day or a few months. It takes a long time to cultivate a lifestyle based on discipline and focus. That’s okay and do what you can do.

Small things become big things over time.

Success means being at the top in your field. Dreamers only talk about what their life could be like. But the elite masters their subject and are continuously improving.

Elite performers optimize and change over and over again until they are world-class. They change little things every day because these little things eventually become big things over time.

Most people don’t have an active routine. They don’t improve their performance or don’t practise at getting better in their field.

Their routine is to sleep as long as possible before hurrying to work. They hardly do any sport, and they never create anything.

Many of them claim they want to be successful, but their lives are undisciplined and scattered. Your decisions are not world-class; they are mediocre.

In truth, they love the convenience and sacrifice their success for it.

If you want to be world-class in everything you do, improve in your field, track your progress, and set goals.

In his book “Good to Great” Jim Collins wrote:

“Greatness is no accident. Greatness depends on very conscious decisions.” – Jim Collins

How you divide up your time and energy will determine what your life looks like. If you focus continually on improving your life, then success will come.

If you want a world-class life, choose it consciously. Happiness, good intentions and pure talent will not get you there.


The above steps are easy to do and also easy not to do, unfortunately, most people will make decisions that keep them mediocre. To have a championship behaviour is not typical. It is very challenging to train and even more difficult to maintain, that’s why most people are happy with being average.

Mediocrity is a disease that ruins your life. You can be mediocre for a long time without harming yourself. You have the choice of making decisions and be average, so you can have an ordinary life. But If you want to be a world-class elite in everything you do, you must then learn everything in your field.

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